BRAMP is a national and international leader in producing injected plastic components and products, dedicated to developing solutions for the automobile, electronics and industrial sectors. With over 20 years of experience, we know how important our customers and their satisfaction are to our continued, serving them with a multi-disciplinary team that is highly qualified and capable of satisfying all their needs through a vast range of skills: product research and development, design of prototypes and small series, development and manufacture of molds, production of plastic parts, assembly or installation of multi-part sets and final parts, logistical capacity for cross-border delivery and after-sales service, helping customers with future needs. Our solutions are also leveraged by the excellence of our business partners, which are carefully selected for their technical attributes and skills, offering us the best complementary market solutions. Our guarantee of high quality production standards, constant upgrading of our equipment, our ongoing investment in the training of our staff and business partnerships make BRAMP an effective and competitive company that is capable of meeting any challenge.